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Greetings, fellow digital voyager! I'm Shraddha, a Design-Minded Full Stack Web Developer with a Data-Driven Passion 🎨 who thrives on the intersection of code & creativity. With a history of crafting dynamic web apps for NGOs & startups in React, I've also ventured into the data realm (previously have worked as an ETL Developer in a leading FinTech firm & now, I'm getting acquainted with Data Science). I am AWS Developer Associate certified & love playing with CSS in freetime. My mission now extends to volunteering on full-stack web projects & mentoring budding engineers as they embark on their tech journeys. My vision? To create accessible & delightful web applications that transform data into actionable insights. Explore my work on GitHub & my design flair on CodePen, & let's connect on LinkedIn or drop a message to chat about how we can shape the digital world with our skills. πŸš€

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Whether you're here to explore my work, discuss potential projects, or just share your thoughts, I'm excited to connect with you on LinkedIn & chat. If you'd like to have a more personal conversation, feel free to schedule a virtual coffee meeting by clicking the button below. It's a great way for us to chat, share ideas, and explore potential collaborations.

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