Awesome Container Company: Eco 🌱 meets Innovation

Tailwind CSS
Framer Motion

Project Purpose & Goal

Imagine a world where takeout doesn't mean mountains of single-use plastic containers, where restaurants and customers unite to reduce waste. The Awesome Container Company (ACC) set out on a mission to transform the food and beverage industry by eliminating plastic and single-use packaging. This project was to create a landing page for Awesome Container Company.

Tech Stack Explanation

To give life to this vision, we harnessed a robust web stack. ReactJS, our trusted ally, helped us craft a responsive landing page that seamlessly adapts to screens of all sizes, from desktop to mobile. Tailwind CSS brought an element of elegance to our design, allowing us to rapidly build custom user interfaces that captivate and inform. Framer Motion stepped in, infusing our page with production-ready animations that make the user experience a journey of discovery. But our toolkit extended beyond the frontend. On the backend, NodeJS and Express paved the way for a dynamic and scalable server environment, ensuring that our website could handle the demands of a growing audience. And when it came to engaging our audience through email, AWS Simple Email Service (SES) emerged as our reliable courier, effortlessly delivering messages and inquiries.

Problems & Thought Process

The thought was to create a resuable codebase. The overall project working in a team of three, was a good experience. The chat animation, like a friendly host, mimicked the conversation between guests and the company, making the ACC experience feel inviting and approachable. It took sometime for us to figure out the animation via Framer Motion. But, once we did it, it was a wow experience.

Lessons Learned

This project was more than code; it was a mission-driven journey. We learned that technology can be a catalyst for change, enabling businesses to align with environmental goals while reducing costs. But perhaps the most significant lesson was the power of collaboration. As a team, we realized that when our skills and technology align with a meaningful purpose, the impact can be profound.